What makes it “Wild”?

Wildcrafted Stinging Nettles, Dandelion, Cedar Berry, Sumac are hardy plants that grow by uncultivated mans in our local environment.  They each have unique medicinal properties and above average nutritional benefits.  These wild edibles taste amazing, will complement any culinary dish and are what makes this sea salt wild.

Where is it made?

70% of ingredients for Wild Sea Salt are sourced from the United States.  Salt from San Francisco, Alaea clay from Hawaii, Alaria seaweed from Maine and the wild edible plants for the USA and abroad.  The processing is done in the Lower Hudson Valley, NY.

Wild Sea Salt is a company that cares not only where the product is made, but also about the ingredients which make up the product.  The company strives for better health and the foods that provide better health to us.

Is it medicinal in addition to being nutritional?

In a word, yes.  Each of the wild edible plants used to make up the flavors hold unique medicinal benefits according to herbal medicine research.

How do I use this product?

Wild Sea Salt is meant to be a replacement for any salt you are currently using.  Each one pairs particularly well with certain foods, but if you like the flavor why not use it on everything?

New Flavors?

Introducing new, wild plants to the Wild Sea Salt family is exciting and fun, so we are always looking for the next flavor to introduce to our line-up.  Past flavor trials have been Elderberry, Chicory, and Rose Hips.