Word is out!  This is truly a salt for health and culinary deliciousness.  Here are some testimonials to proove it:

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"I wanted to add these to our food and see if they could help Eric. So far they seem to have helped. I have noticed since adding them I am experiencing less cramps in my muscles and my heart palpitations have seemed to stop. I learned a lot from watching the salt guru from her link on her site. I rarely added salt to anything. Now with these I am adding it and we are experiencing better health. I noticed a difference after one week.”   Thanks, Deborah

"I took a leap and tried your Cedar Berry salt after speaking to Pat at Marbled Meat. WOW! I am so addicted to it. I've just purchased the Sumac as well and am of course dying to try anything else you make.  Keep up the great work- I love your concept and the ingredients are exactly what I'm needing for my auto-immune condition (RA).”  Thank you, Beth

Chigong, is an ancient chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention to heal, calm and reconnect the mind and body.  A Chi gong practitioner came to my booth at a Farmer’s Market and used her hands, with eyes closed, to select a Wild Sea Salt flavor that was right for her.  The process was amazing and she eventually chose Stinging Nettles and Sumac flavors for herself, the same combination for her friend and Cedar Berry flavor for another friend not with them at the time.  Her review of the salts is that they have “great energy”.  This was indeed a treat and music to my ears.

Here are some comments I’ve had at the local Farmers’ Markets:

“I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I am enjoying your salts.  Salt is salt is salt, but your salt makes everything I put it on more special”  

“Your salt is truly magical”

“This salt is perfect”

“I’ve been trying to get my son to eat salmon forever.  I bought the Stinging Nettles Wild Sea Salt, sprinkled it liberally onto a salmon filets and added lemon juice then baked them.  My son LOVED them!  I’m buying the large jar!”

"My husband, who never cooks with salt, now keeps a jar of Wild Sea Salt on the kitchen table and uses it on everything!”

“ We had company over for a cook-out and made skirt steak with Cedar Berry Wild Sea Salt on the grill.   We got RAVE reviews!!”  This is a great product.”

“Made crab cakes with just olive oil and Stinging Nettles Wild Sea Salt.  Amazing.  I don’t even use any other spices anymore.

“it’s my go to thing to make food taste good!”

“My husband suffers from gout and I am buying the Sumac Wild Sea Salt for the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits.  It may help his condition.”

“This is the only salt I use anymore!”

Quotes from a Mom of two picky eaters:  "My children won’t let me cook or season their food without it!” they say “Mom, we want the good salt!”

"We meet at Souk a few weeks ago.  I purchased your salt to try to repair my sons feet and promised to let you know how it went. It definitely dried out the wounds and helped to heal him.  I have been using it on my dermatological flair ups and really liking it.  It dries everything out and heals it much quicker. My son was just given a new Rx for his feet that stops them from sweating and he is the best he has been in years.  Thank you for making such a beautiful product"

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